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Our mission

We want to be your best resource throughout your success. New problems crop up from concept to launch, we get that. With a partner like Honeycomb, you can keep your momentum going through every bump along the way.


01. Engaging design at every touchpoint.

Your greatest assets are beyond the .com. Our proven strategies for marketing and community engagement make sure you are gaining fans of your brand, not just customers.

02. Connecting you with experts for any project. 

Photographers for a product launch, wicked smart event coordinators, and creative designers. Our network ensures that you will be in good hands for any ambition of yours.

03. People first, always.

From the end consumer to our partners that work alongside us, we will always put people first. We firmly believe in collaboration over competition. We care as much about the success of your business as we do about your mindset towards it. 

04. Celebrating the small and big wins.

Even if it is just the fact that we found the right cardboard for your product kits, it’s another step forward in your succeess. We want you right there with us to celebrate each moment. 

05. We see the bigger picture.

We want to ensure that each piece of your business runs efficiently and is working for you, not against you. That's why we take the time to understand the big picture of your business, putting a plan in place to address the pain points and offer a comprehensive solution. 

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Who you'll work with

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Callie Kerbo

Founder + CEO

Callie draws the Honeycomb experience from growing up in a small Tennessee town. You couldn’t mistake anyone for someone else; each person was their unique self. With this in mind, Callie seeks out what makes a company special and harnesses it in their brand. Her passion for storytelling and creating memorable experiences for customers is what attracts her clientele, from startups to long-standing businesses.

She also serves as the chair for the Austin Young Chamber Ambassador Committee. 

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Eric Vasquez

chief wordsmith

Eric's experience as a journalist has been the key to his success as Honeycomb's chief copywriter. His deep understanding of reader psychology combined with his obsessive research of SEO practices are undeniable in the analytics. 

Eric came to Honeycomb as a creative copywriter, detailing website and product descriptions to ensure that every piece serves your brand a purpose. 

Eric is also a published author

Meet (More) Members of Our Hive

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bennett Creative

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