Building an Authentic Digital Presence Your Audience Will Love (VIDEO)

Our founder, Callie had the opportunity to sit down with Golden Arm Media for their Content Engine series. 

Originally published by Golden Arm Media: 

In today’s crowded marketplace, knowing how to build an engaging digital presence from the very beginning is a must.

Callie Kerbo, founder of Honeycomb Creative Co., understands the importance of cultivating brands that are not only visually stunning, but creatively driven and strategically sound. Her passion is helping startups and established businesses leverage their unique brand voice to jumpstart audience growth.

On this episode, Alex and Callie discuss the importance of establishing brand identity early, anticipating customer needs, and how to build a loyal following of brand advocates that will carry your business to new heights.

Alex introduces Callie to the show. [00:22]

Callie discusses her business and background in branding. [01:04]

Callie talks about common mistakes startups make. [02:24]

Callie explains how startups can set themselves up for success. [03:43]

Callie on the advantages of establishing your brand identity early. [05:29]

Callie discusses the process of creating visuals for a new brand. [08:40]

Callie on determining your ideal customer. [11:05]

Callie discusses finding the right balance between visual appeal and product functionality. [14:05]

Callie talks about how to best anticipate customer needs. [16:05]

Callie explains how to keep customers engaged after a sale. [19:41]

Callie on how to build a loyal community of customers. [22:36]

Callie gives advice on how to get comfortable being the face of your brand. [26:08]

Callie talks about the balance between curated content and authenticity. [29:29]

Callie gives some final advice on branding for startups and established businesses. [32:00]

Callie explains where to find out more about her and her business. [33:45]

Alex thanks Callie and concludes the show. [34:23]

1. “Establish yourself as someone who wants to stick around in the market, as someone who wants to be more than just your product.” [05:30]

2. “It’s really important to not only create content around your product but to create content around the kind of lifestyle and the kind of culture you want your brand to have, because it’s all about your personality and that is what people are buying.” [06:24]

3. “Being the face of your own brand is not…a bad thing.” [24:18]

4. “My biggest advice to companies is just start. You’ve got to start somewhere, so better to start now and just do it and figure out what works for your customers than to not start at all and to lose out because you were too afraid to just dive in.” [26:41]

5. “Who you are and why you created your business is absolutely fundamental to how you tell your story, and all of it is your story. You can’t just take yourself out of it.” [31:11]

6. “There’s never a time that’s too late for some great customer service and great customer outreach.” [33:34]

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