Laura elizabeth Jewelry

Shopify Re-Design | Wholesale Integration | Amazon Listing Design | Custom Packaging


This is probably one of my favorite re-designs we've ever worked on. Laura Elizabeth is a jewelry maker here in Austin and she creates ethical, eco-friendly and stunning pieces. Not only did we work together to create a new color palette, we re-worked her logo to be more streamlined. Then we dove into creating a new look for her site. 

Her site was a fun challenge as we needed to incorporate a retail and wholesale site within the same store. Not only did we manage to accomplish this, but we crafted a completely custom wholesale experience within her shop. 

While we worked on the re-design, we also helped Laura re-think her packaging to create beautiful, custom jewelry cards and a new display for her retail locations. 

Shopify Re-Design


lej old site.png


lej new site.png

Special Features

Some of the special features of Laura's Site are her built-in wholesale channel and the custom product pages. See her custom product pages in action below!

One key feature of Laura's new site is her Wholesale channel. We created a completely custom Wholesale experience within her existing Shopify site. This allows Wholesale buyers to see information that is important to them and customize the experience around the way that they shop. 

Amazon Listing Design

When we say that we design for every touchpoint in the customer journey, we mean it. Laura sells her jewelry on Amazon as well as her site. It was important that her main listings on Amazon also reflected the new look and feel we implemented on her website and in her branding. These custom product descriptions help educate customers on her key differentiators as well as provide some additional visuals that reflected her brand. Check out the custom description in action below.

I chose to work with Honeycomb because they offered so much of what I was looking for. I needed to re-brand and redesign my website. Callie went above and beyond. She shared some of her graphics and other expertise with me.

I love how easily the website flows. I like how Callie made the images magnified. This is something I had tried on Shopify and she fixed. Another thing I really love is how I can now offer the wholesale site to my wholesale accounts.

Honeycomb was unbelievably helpful in rebranding and redesigning my website. Callie has a clear eye with a vibrant, youthful perspective while also having professional follow through. My site looks beautiful and is easy to navigate. Iā€™m proud to show it off. Thank you, Honeycomb!
— Laura Elizabeth Stuart, Founder of Laura Elizabeth Jewelry