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01: The Why

Too many businesses use disjointed solutions to manage their operations between brick-and-mortar and the online space. The question we are asked most often is "Why isn't there one solution, one system?". We created Waves to end the frustration and headache that comes from managing so many sales channels and put the power back in the hands of our clients (and yours too). 



Point of sale and online store are disconnected leading to potential inventory management issues.

eCommerce platform must externally linked to the website meaning a loss in conversions versus a built-in solution

Uses their website to drive traffic, but doesn't have the opportunity to create an experience with products because the eCommerce solution is externally linked.

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Your online store and point of sale connect seamlessly for complete inventory management.

Complete channel management on the world's leading eCommerce solution. Manage inventory across channels all in one place.

Create a unique and engaging user experience on the site and increase conversions with a fully embedded eCommerce store hosted on the site.


  • Complete Inventory Management
  • Multi-Channel Selling: Point of Sale, Social Selling (Facebook + Instagram), On-Site
  • Increased Conversions
  • Rich Analytics 
  • The Leading Platforms in eCommerce, Point of Sale and Website Hosting