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This project is a passion project for Honeycomb. It is our way of sharing inspiration and encouragement in a beautiful way. 

At the same time it pushes our skills and allows for creative freedom. I (callie) have wanted to create something like this since starting honeycomb and i'm excited to see it come to life. 

want to join us? 

Lauren Johnston, Intuitive Life Coach

Callie's knowledge, teaching, understanding, suggestions, encouragement and guidance has been extremely helpful and yet never pushy. She is bubbly, yet was calm as a cucumber as we were launching my new brand. When I inquired about adding something, taking something out, changing something or making it right, she was on it, right away.

Whether you already understand social media and why branding is important or not, Callie is a really great resource and someone you want on your team!

I highly recommend her!

- Lauren Johnston, Intuitive Life Coach