5 Essential Photo Apps I Use Everyday

The question I'm asked most often is "How do I edit my iPhone photos to look professional?". With a million editing apps out there, I wanted to share my favorites and some tricks to achieving beautiful, natural photos. Here are my 5 must-have apps for taking great photos! 

1. Photoshop Express: General Editing



While it is true that how you set up and take a picture largely reflects in its quality, good editing can turn even the most mediocre pictures into Insta-worthy. My favorite editing app (maybe ever) is Photoshop Express. Generally I stick to 3-4 settings: exposure, highlights, contrast and temperature to achieve the right look and feel for a photo.

2. A Color Story: Filters


As a rule, I don't really use filters much. However, if I do use filters A Color Story and VSCO are my go-tos. Generally for clients we have a certain aesthetic for all our photos and try to use the same filter(s) for all content. This keeps a consistent story going throughout their feed. I would highly suggest making the investment to buy all the filters in A Color Story just to give yourself as many options as possible. My personal favorites are the "Snow Cone" (from the "Airy" collection) and "Carrie" (from the "Flashes of Delight" collection) filters. These are both light and bright options. 

3. VSCO: Filters

For moodier looks I love using VSCO particularly for black and white photos. Their filters give a very authentic film look as well as beautiful rich tones to your photos. Again, even if I am applying a filter, I never do so at 100%. Usually I'm bumping them down to less than 20% to retain most of the photo in its original form. Filters are only for added depth and interest to the photo. 

4. Boomerang and Hyperlapse: Video Content

By now you've seen boomerangs of basically anything and everything. However, I love the fun factor they bring to brands. Pro tip: to reduce the possibility of your user getting dizzy looking at your Boomerang, slow down your motion a bit more than you normal would. The software will speed it up, so no need to go lightening fast. Going a touch slower than you would in real life will provide a very natural result. 

5. Plann: Visual Content Planning

 Image via  Plann

Image via Plann

When you are looking to style your Instagram feed it can sometimes be difficult to visualize how all of your content works together. That's why I love using a visual planner like the Plann app. It allows you to upload and move around your content easily in order to create a visual storyboard. 

There are a million apps out there, but these are my essentials for every day editing and styling. You can find all of them in the App Store or Google Play Store. I would love to hear from you! What are your favorite photo editing apps you use regularly? Comment below and let's chat! 

- Callie