How to Differentiate Yourself Online This Holiday Season


It’s beginning to get colder and retail is getting noisier. Not by jingle bells, but by competition. Every company out there is trying to grab customers’ attention to buy from them this holiday season. With all of these competitors, how can your business rise above the rest and differentiate itself?


Planning Early

For starters, start planning for the holiday season early. You need to begin planning this far in advance because consumers begin their research for gifts usually in October. No need to be pushing Christmas jingles that early, but definitely let people know what your company will be offering for the upcoming holiday season. This time period should have a strong emphasis on raising awareness of products or services and peaking prospects’ interest. You need to capture people’s attention early on with your great deals and awesome features to help guide them in the buyer’s journey. Throughout this journey, your brand personality needs to shine and a relationship should be fostered. This brings us up to how you should be communicating with the community and building lasting connections.




The general public does not always enjoy holiday shopping. It can be extremely chaotic and overwhelming. People often find online shopping to be more convenient and way to cut down on dealing with the physical clutter. That still leaves a marketplace of companies bombarding users with virtual ads and messaging. It’s crucial to strategize how your voice will be heard above all of the others. Your tone should be friendly and be inviting while your content is informational and entertaining. The way to win over people’s hearts and pocketbooks is by providing value and a good customer experience. Remarketing is an effective tool to personalize and customize your communication with buyers. Reaching out to people who have purchased from you before helps lead to a higher likelihood of repeat conversion.


Competitive Pricing

Conducting a competitive analysis on how other companies are pricing their merchandise should be one of the first steps of your research. Customers are hungry for discounts so they utilize the internet to feed their curiosity and compare prices. This is the time of the year to be taking advantage of displaying different promotional pricing implementations. To devise the most strategic solutions, study the success of your previous sales history, as well as, look into current e-commerce trends. There isn’t one promotion that fits all, but depending on your industry, it can help point you in the right direction. For instance, if you’re advertising an expensive electronic device, you may want to include a free store gift card with purchase. You could also offer free shipping at a certain order value. This will motivate customers to add extra purchases to their bill to meet the threshold and get something for free. Whenever the shopper feels like they are getting the best bang for the buck, they tend to gravitate towards that business. People already have an idea of what they want for gifts, so an integral way to differentiate yourself is to have the best specials and advertise those offerings with pizzazz and simplicity. You should strive to show memorable content that highlights how much you can save the buyer and make their holiday shopping easier. This leads us to our last way of differentiating yourself online this holiday season, which is providing a solid user experience.


User Experience

When a consumer is researching for their holiday buys, they’re sifting through a lot of information. Google values websites that have an organized user interface that is easy to navigate and isn’t cluttered. The customer should be able to seamlessly look through the site and easily find information. Have your merchandise displayed in a visually appealing manner in order to entice people to buy from you. You should also have readily available methods of communication logically placed to alleviate pain points and means for potential stress. When the purchasing process is smooth and concise, it leads to a decrease in the cart abandonment rate. A customer needs to navigate through your website with ease and buy items without making too many clicks. The more steps involved in paying for items, the higher the probability of someone losing patience and finding somewhere else with a quicker checkout process. To optimize client interactions and gain a better grasp of user satisfaction, it’s beneficial to send follow up messages and encourage customers to write reviews about their experience. You can make a customer feel extremely special when personally thanking them for purchasing from your establishment. This strengthens the relationship and allows for the chance to foster loyalty and promotion. These individuals can be a source of recommendations and influence on the web. Vendasta, a digital software company, states that 92% of consumers now read online reviews. The responses that are given can be a powerful tool for raising trust and credibility for future shoppers which can result in higher sales.  



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In the e-commerce environment, competition is fierce. Incorporating these advertising strategies will help your business differentiate itself from online competitors. Honeycomb can be a valuable resource to effectively engage with your target audience this holiday season. We look forward to assisting you boost your sales and increase your return on investment.