#SmallBusinessSaturday and What We're Eyeing This Year


Hey y'all, Callie here! With the holidays right around the corner, I wanted to pop by and offer some awesome places to shop if you're into local, curated, handmade, packed with lots of love goods. And if you aren't, well you definitely should be! I've always been passionate about shopping small and supporting small business. Don't forget to support your local community on Small Business Saturday this year! You can find a pretty extensive list of businesses in your area here.

Here's the deal: when you support small business your dollars are going to more than the marketing budget. They are going to support the makers, creatives, and inventors that make our communities so wonderful. in turn these business owners put those dollars back into their community through their own purchases. It's a pretty beautiful cycle if you ask me. 

So what's on my list this year? Who gives me all the heart eyes with their products? Here's my 2017 Roundup! 

The 2017 List

Callie'sFaves (1).png


We've all got a place we call home, maybe you've got a few places. The old try has a print for that. Seriously swoon-worthy prints for the place you call home. I found Old Try on twitter several years ago and have been following every since! My dad is particularly fond of his tennessee flag print and I've got my eye on a few prints for my new studio! 


chalk full of love is an adorable brand based here in austin. I've got my eye on a few mugs for christmas gifts (and let's be honest, a couple for my collection too). Everything she creates is seriously cute. Also, if you've been wanting to learn hand-lettering, I've heard amazing things about her books! go snag all the cute things in her shop!


this dallas fave not only has their own line of amazing goods (greeting cards, cocktail napkins, prints, apparel, and more #allthecutethings), they also have an amazing collection of curated goods in their shop. paper lovers rejoice because RBTL gets you. I'm telling you now, you're going to want one of everything. you're welcome. 


you know that thing you actually want to say on a card, but all the greeting cards are cheesy and not relatable at all... Just me?

enter: emily mcdowell. Hilarious, authentic,and completely raw greeting cards, prints, and gifts. I just bought a couple (more) greeting cards of hers and keep them stocked at my house for basically all occasions. She's the best. She makes everyone in my life laugh with her true to life messages. Go grab one (or ten) of her cards, you won't regret it!


A FEW YEARS AGO IN DALLAS I PICKED UP A LETTERPRESS PRINT IN A SMALL SHOP CALLED MISSING Q. HE LITERALLY HADN'T EVEN PUT THE PRINTS IN THEIR PACKAGING YET AND IT'S STILL ONE OF MY FAVORITES TO DATE. ONE OF MY RESOLUTIONS FOR 2018 IS WRITING MORE THANK YOU CARDS. THEIR "Y'ALL" CARDS are just the cutest and i'm convinced everything they touch is instantly made beautiful. Seriously, go scroll through their instagram sometime. It's a paper paradise. 


if you've ever had a long distance bestie, wanted to send a hostess gift to a party you won't be able to attend, or looking for the perfect way to say thank you, bon vivant has you covered. Not only are these beauties delivered locally, she also ships all over the country. All of her curated boxes deserve heart eye emojis, but if you're feeling creative she also has a "build a box" option!

Pro-Tip: for all of you looking for client, administrative or corporate gifts, you'll seriously wow with these gift boxes!


who loves a good candle?! (I'm raising both of my hands) A few months ago i received a simply curated candle as a gift and have been obsessed ever since. This year i've got my eye on the travel candles for a few candle loving friends in my life. all of the candles are incredible, but i'm particularly smitten with the cocktail collection. 

These would make the perfect stocking stuffer!


you might recognize the shop lola name if you've browsed our site. We did their branding and website a few months back. Lona and lane run the cutest (online) boutique in my tennessee hometown. Their chic, affordable pieces are perfect for the girl on the go! Also, you should definitely check out their Facebook Lives, they show off inventory and give style tips!


for all the men in my life, clayton + Crume will be under the tree. They make hand-crafted leather goods in kentucky. after seeing them at a pop-up, i couldn't get over the quality. From belts to sunglass straps, they've got the perfect leather gifts!


We've all been there. We're standing in our closet looking at all the clothes thinking "I've got nothing to wear". Retail vault is here to solve your fashion emergencies. think of Retail vault as your new concierge stylist. Did I mention its run by an incredible collegiate entrepreneur?! I had the chance to sit down with her for coffee the other day and she's a total rockstar! With all of the holiday parties right around the corner, go check out the retail vault and let them style you for the holidays!