Spark: Not Just Another Email App

With dozens of email apps out there, we typically find ourselves assuming they are all the same. I mean it's email, how much differentiation can there be? 

Meet Spark, my new best (email) friend. Their tagline "fall in love with email again" while cheesy is not far from the truth. Not sure I'm sold on loving my email, but there isn't as much dread when looking at it. I'm going to break down some of my favorite features and why you might love it too! 

1. No more searching endlessly through email threads for attachments. 

If you're like me, some email threads read a bit like a novel with attachments scattered everywhere. My favorite feature of Spark is the separate attachments folder that allows you to search in order to find the right one. For me this was a game changer and definitely saved some "throw your phone against the wall in frustration" moments. 

2. Pesky newsletters don't hide with your actual mail. 

With their "Smart Inbox" feature, you can separate your newsletters from email threads. Personally, I rarely even look at my newsletters so having them separated allows me to scroll quickly and prioritize items needing a reply. 

3. Integrations with allllll the things. 

You have things in Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and iCloud? Well you're in luck because it integrates with all of them. I can't tell you how many times I have files on one or two of those services but can't drop them all into a single email. Problem solved with Spark. While we're on the topic of integrations, you know that frustration you have sending photos via email? Just me? Well Spark allows access straight from your camera roll so when you are typing away on that email you can easily add in that picture you forgot. 

Spark also has great features like integrating with your calendar, pinning ability for important emails and some pretty great ways to customize it for your preferences. Go give it a try and tell me what you think! 

Have an app I should try? Comment below because I'm always looking for the latest and greatest in tech!